Please click on the menu above to learn more about each of the specialized services provided at Brown Equine Hospital.

With these services available to our clients, you can be sure your horse will get the best care regardless of your specific needs.

Brown Equine Hospital greatly appreciates your support through these troubling times. Last year, we had to discontinue our usual emergency services until we can find adequate help and coverage. In order to begin the rebuilding process, we would like to provide emergency examination and treatment of your foals this spring. We will offer 24-hour admittance to most foal issues (e.g. weakness, failure of transfer of passive immunity, inability to nurse, etc.). There will still be some foals that we cannot admit due to biosecurity risks or staffing issues, and for that we apologize and still suggest looking into other referral hospitals in these situations. To determine if we are able to assist your foal, please contact our office (814-443-3560).

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