Our dedicated and caring staff is committed to providing top quality service to our patients and clients.  At Brown Equine Hospital we are committed to team work, patient care, compassion, and continuing education. 

Veterinary Support Staff


Ashley Danesi is originally from Valley City, Ohio and joined the BEH team in early 2019. Ashley earned her Associate’s Degree in Equine Science from The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute. At BEH you can find her working day shift. She enjoys working at BEH because of her passion for animals, rehabilitation & medicine. When she is not working she enjoys riding her horse, hiking, playing with her cats, & sleeping.


Becky Heffner has been a part of the BEH staff since 2010. She currently holds a position in our surgical department to anesthetize and monitor patients. Over the years, she has worked in all areas and on all the shifts at BEH. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors by hiking, skiing, kayaking, trail riding, & camping with her horses and mule! Becky has held a variety of other jobs throughout life, and cannot think of another career that has been as satisfying and rewarding. She has helped horses take their first breath, last breath, and everything in-between.


Christine is originally from Vacaville, California; but moved to Pennsylvania from Idaho! She has always loved and had a passion for horses, and owned a horse while she was a teenager. She is currently attending Penn Foster College for a Veterinarian Technician Degree. She started working at BEH in July 2020. Christine says that horses are truly her passion and she loves taking care of all patients and learning about their unique needs. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, camping, and spending time with animals.


Jennifer Riddle started working at Brown Equine Hospital in December 2018. She is a part of the day shift team and works in the the barns. You will see her assisting with afternoon treatments. She loves working with foals whether they are the patients or just tagging along with the mare!

Janae, CVT

Janae Speigle was born and raised on a farm in Boswell, Pennsylvania. In 2017, She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Morehead State University in Kentucky. She started working at Brown Equine in 2011 as a night shift technician.  After taking time away for schooling and some job experience, Janae returned to BEH in March 2019.  She enjoys working at Brown Equine Hospital because it is where my vet tech career started and it feels like home. During the week Jenae can be found working day shift assisting Dr. Nicholson. When she is not working, Jenae enjoys helping on my family’s farm, being outdoors, and quilting. 

Latasha, CVT

Latasha Tomlinson was born and raised in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Wilson College and has worked at BEH for ten years. Latasha enjoys working at Brown Equine Hospital because horses are her passion and she would like to help as many as she can. She is a life long equestrian and has competed in everything between barrel racing to western pleasure. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, riding and showing horses. She also enjoys camping with horses/wagon trains.


Shawnee Beilchick joined the Brown Equine Hospital team in 2016 after attending the Veterinary Technician Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shawnee works night shift and likes working at BEH because of the horses and gratitude of owners when she is able to help their horse in the middle of the night.


Shay Barron has been a part of the Brown Equine Hospital team since 2018. She has always been interested in gaining more knowledge and experience on the veterinary side of horse care. She loves how she learns something daily about horses and enjoys the busy environment doing what she loves.

Tara, CVT

Tara was born and raised in Somerset, PA. She grew up showing horses on the AQHA circuit and has been in the veterinary field for for 16 years, and a Certified Veterinary Technician for 12 years. She completed her degree in Veterinary Technology at St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her work interests are lameness exams and being able to work around horses in general.


Brooke is from Carrolltown, PA and has been riding horses for 15 years. She grew up showing in 4-H doing western pleasure and has since switched to hunters and dressage. Brooke can be found at BEH during weekend day shifts. She enjoys helping in surgery, having the opportunity to continuously learn and getting to work with a variety of horses! When she is not working she spends time with her family & friends, dogs, and rides!

Brooke is currently studying to become a CVT!


Tonya Beilchick started working at Brown Equine Hospital in 2017. You can find Tonya working night shift throughout the week. She enjoys working at BEH because of the Meadowlands racehorses. Outside of work she likes helping on her family’s cattle farm and showing cattle at jackpot shows & county fairs. She also loves her English Mastiff and Great Dane!

Tina, Office Manager

Tina Stanley is our wonderful office manager at Brown Equine Hospital! She has been employed at Brown Equine Hospital since April 2012. She has 2 kids, Tiffany and Stephen. Tina loves dogs and has a 3 year old 150lb Rottweiler named Rayder and a 13 year old Aussie named Geno. Tina loves vacationing in Florida at Disney World and have visited over 10 times!

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